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Melkhior's Mansion, for Windows PC, Spectrum Next and ZX Spectrum 128k.

A fast paced, action packed throwback to the classic games of the 80's, in 15 glorious colours, hand picked from the infamous ZX Spectrum colour palette (we left out bright black!)

Guide Sir Stamperlot the knight around Melkhior the Wizard's house of horrors, or choose to play as one of his trusted companions, Lester the clumsy Serf, Zouch the green haired Witch or perhaps the elegant Princess Ashby.

Your task is to find the pieces of the key that will unlock the main entrance to the mansion, thus granting our hero, whoever that may be, their freedom from Melkhior's evil clutches.

More details to follow, watch this space!  Coming soon to Windows PC, Spectrum Next and ZX Spectrum 128k......


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just boss one the best things I have seen this year like everything about it.hopefully when done we could get BBC click to have a look 

Yeh that'd be cool ;o)

My brand new Spectrum Next is hungry for this - when will it be ready?

Not sure yet, hopefully some time this year :o)

Glad I found Itchio for this, really looking forward to playing it.

Thanks, keep watching ;o)

Excellent work! Can't wait to play. :-) Any news about the development?

Thanks, you can follow dev progress on my Twitter account, http://www.twitter.com/ericretro

really looking forward to this, especially on the ZX Next! will you allow use of the colour filters on the Next version? I really liked the shots of the C64 colour version, it's a bit more of a naturalistic palette. Still, the ZX original looks awesome! Keep up the good work, I can imagine the slog with the final 10% I worked with James Monkman at RGCD on Pan Dimensional Conga Combat and it really was those last finishing touches that were the killer! Anyway very inspiring to watch how it's all unfolded.

Thanks for your comments. I can't answer your question about the colour palette on the Next version, I don't know if it's technically possible on said platform. Keep watching, we'll get it finished eventually :o)

Good afternoon Richard,

you made me want to try something similar. And I did this - that's just the beginning. I'm a thousand miles away from you.

KEYS: arrows, space bar, esc



Nice work, glad to hear my project is an inspiration in some way.

Did you use C, C++ or assembler?

C# and Monogame.

Yes, you are right: he has a "golden hand" in drawing and coloring the rooms. Does he also draw characters with motion / animation frames?

He does yes, there are lots of animations in Melkhior's Mansion.

Hi, yes I understand. it is a method that I am also studying with the "" SURFACE ", - and therefore have a correct Z-DEPTH - to try to do the same thing you did.

The beautiful colorful graphics, do you design it or do you have a PIXEL ARTIST?

The graphics are by this rather talented chap... https://twitter.com/hot_piping

Good morning Richard, how to go about the game programming?

Do you have a small EXE to try for win10?

In your code, it solved Painter's algorithm ----> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Painter%27s_algorithm


Hi, no EXE available yet, still early days. I did indeed solve Painter's algorithm (never heard it called that before). Here's how I did it... http://www.servo7.co.uk/iso

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Beautiful <3<3<3

looks brilliant :)

So incredibly excited about this, much love and respect